I have some terminated workflows that haven t been yet destroyed.

I still have their dm workflow and dmi workitem records
is it possible to resume them I

Resuming a Workflow To resume a previously paused and unloaded workflow
use Load. This method loads a workflow from a persistence store into .

Getting documents from Documentum is easy for instance via its CMIS API. But how to get Documentum s workflow tasks I mean the tasks that are currently .

Sorted by 1 what info are you specifically trying to retrieve The workflow info is stored across many different objec

OpenText Documentum Platform Design and manage workflows The new web based Workflow Designer provided with the Document

The Documentum content server is staged at the base of the Documentum platform which helps in managing the repository an

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A work queue object represents a work queue for workflow tasks. The workqueue object type is installed by a script when Content Server is installed. However.

work queues instances of the type are created and managed using Webtop dmc workqueue category Defines a category for

These attributes are set by the Documentum Server in response to an API call e.g. resume a workflow 0. DCTM Guru..

3. Did you try resume API against workflow ID 0. Khaled Farouk..

4 Thank you all for the replies I tried the resume resume



A process is the description or design or definition of how a set of linked activities are supposed to be executed and t

DFC Resume Paused Tasks Automatically DQL Get User Inbox Tasks DQL Inbox Tasks Count by User DQL Count Workflow Instances by Process DQL Get default aspects DQL Get all types with an specific property DFC Terminate Running Workflows Programatically DQL Get Process Variables DQL Install XForm.

DFC Resume Paused Tasks Automatically. import com. documentum. services. workflow. inbox.IInbox import com. documentum. services. workflow. inbox.IWorkflowTask RepositoryConnectionHelper helper.

new RepositoryConnectionHelper.



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replied on. Terminated Workflow instances cannot be restarted. You can.


start a new instance on the same document. Depending on how you set up your wait conditions.

it is possible to have it automatically go through the first steps and wait in the same step where it was before. You can t start in a step in the .

Documentum Workflows

by uttkarsh. Workflow represents a Business Process. A Workflow Defination consists of multiple Activities which can be Manual or Automatic. Manual Activities are performed by a Performer or a User whereas an Auto Activity is generally performed by a program on behalf of a user using a User’s .

48 Describe Workflow and the way to create workflows in Documentum Ans A workflow in Documentum is a process that mov

it automates the process by making sure that the right file passes to the right person in the right order. Workflow tools The .


Ans Documentum is an enterprise content management software that provides management of content and attributes such as check in.

check out

and version management Documentum provides management capabilities for all types of content including business documen


e mail

Web pages
fixed content

Integrated Workflow Documentum Interface Quick Reference Guide The Banner at the top of the Documentum screen includes g

advanced search
menu options

column view options.

a LOGOUT button.

and a Help button. Banner Simple Search Text box Type query terms in this text box to search the entire .

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Documentum workflow is the base for D Documentum workflow The key in configuring effective D is to create the most ba

configurable controls for

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Documentum Workflow jmccarthy edited

1 I work for the US EPA

Office of Pesticide Programs We have a growing collection of documents stored in Documentum currently verging
with a need to expand to several million documents
but I know we are not using the tool to its fullest

Content Plan
plus generic folders created for Workflow. Top level program and program component folders are created with the names entered in PCS during program creation. • The TOC structure created in CPT is created in Documentum in the form of folders and files. Folder Structure Hierarchy Program Folder Example → Design.

Resume Enterprise Content Management Solutions Architect and Lead with years of IT experience years of experience in ad

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development and implementation of Content Management Solutions with. 4. 7 3

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4i and EDMS 98

DFC Terminate Running Workflows Programatically. Posted by Humberto Najera on. public class AbortWorkflowTool public static void main String.

args RepositoryConnectionHelper helper.

new RepositoryConnectionHelper
StringBuffer query.

new StringBuffer
query append

“SELECT w r object id


The detailed code

which utilizes Documentum Foundation Classes DFC.

follows Delete any halted workflows note that when a running workflow fails

Documentum can put that workflow in a halted state We identify these workflow objects using a DQL query SELECT r obje

Content Plan
plus generic folders created for Workflow Top level program and program component folders are created with the names e

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